Bob Filner Takes the Pledge — 15 Down, 25 to Go

Bob Filner of San Diego (CA-51) draws a line in the sand:

I have heard some compromises being put together which says we will not have a public plan unless there is a certain trigger, a trigger based on the number of people I guess insured and various costs involved. That is a recipe for no public option. We need the guarantee of accessibility on day one. Any trigger as far as I am concerned, kills my support for the bill.

We need to do this now. People say we are rushing it, we have been waiting since 1948 to take health care reform seriously. We cant afford much longer at this rate. We will have choice we will have coverage, we will have higher health for all Americans. So lets get the public health option, and I am not going to vote for any healthcare reform plan that does not include such a public option.

Thanks to Representative Filner, and great job by Democracy for America, who worked with him and got a great video. They have been wonderful partners on this project, really terrific to work with, and have helped tremendously. They’ve also done great work on the Ben Nelson front, and have vowed to continue, even when the White House telling liberal groups to stand down. That takes tremendous courage and integrity.

We’re adding Filner to our Health Care Heroes page. At a time when a lot of people are demoralized and are being told that the Blue Dogs are going to write this bill and that they are going to have to suck it up, Congressman Filner’s courage and leadership are inspirational. So please consider thanking him with a donation.

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