Teabaggers Mock Dodd’s Cancer, Tell Him To Kill Himself (VIDEO)

Via My Left Nutmeg:

"How come we don’t just give Chris Dodd painkillers? Like a handful of them at a time! He can wash it down with Ted Kennedy’s whiskey…!"

If anyone can identify the guy in Connecticutman’s video, let us know in the comments.

Update:  Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie identifies the guy (via email) as the one she spoke to for this article:

There were several anti-Dodd signs in the crowd and at one point James Bancroft led the crowd in a “Hey Chris Dodd, Swim to Cuba” chant.

His name is James Bancroft.  More video of him here:

Jim Bancroft, one of the protesters who is part of the Dump Dodd and Tea Party movements, said Dodd asked if he wanted to talk to him and he declined. Bancroft, who is currently uninsured and on disability for a back injury, said if he needs medical attention he will pay for it himself.

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