Lloyd Dogget Takes the Pledge — 11 Down, 29 to Go

Lloyd Doggett takes the pledge to vote against any bill that does not have a strong public option that is available nationwide, with no triggers, and answerable to Congress and the voters.

He has a great exchange with Mike Stark up on the Hill that was videotaped by Brave New Films.  He encourages MIke for being up there, and says something I think is very important:

You have to have the American people demanding as much as the hundreds of lobyists who are up here.  You have to have people demanding more.

It’s true.  The place is swarming with lobbyists.  There is no meaninful presence of ordinary people, the true stakeholders in the matter of health care reform.  It’s all guys like this.

Thanks to  Rep. Doggett for taking the pledge to represent the public against entrenched lobbying interests. We’re adding him to our Health Care Heroes page. 

Reward good behavior.

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