Ferrell’s Bush Admits Being Douchey to Fey’s Palin on SNL Update

Last night Will Ferrell appeared as George W. Bush and Tina Fey reprised her role as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live‘s half-hour live Election Update broadcast. Hilarity ensues

Ferrel’s Bush:

I come to you tonight in the midst of a very important election between two very qualified candidates: the hot lady and the Tiger Woods guy…I thought it was time to give a proper, large scale ‘much love’ to McCain and Palin…"

Fey as Palin admits that:

I like to think I’m one part practiced folksy , one part sassy and a little dash of high school bitchy."

Bush replies:

For a little while I was trying to be folksy but after a bit, it just came off douchey..

then gives his tragio-comedic interpretation of the Vice President’s role, as Dick Cheney had explained it to him. Enjoy the video!

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